Organizational Development

Management Skills - Starter

Introducing new parameters to develop projects in unstable contexts.
These tools are applied both to create projects to solve specific problems.
In this segment, the objective is to develop new perspectives approach to understand the structural changes of context and design innovative scenarios of intervention, identify context transformations and expand the capacity of understanding the changes.

The course duration is one month. During that period you will have access to all content and tools in a self-assisted platform. Each module presents a model and a tool for application to a specific problem. The tools can be replicated in different professional projects.
  • Emerging contexts analysis
  • Unit I - Map sample
  • Introduction to the topics and resources of the unit
  • What are the emerging contexts?
  • Transform the instability in chances
  • Deciding under uncertainty sample
  • How to expand the territory? sample
  • The formula of alternatives
  • Analyze complex situations
  • Board decisions
  • Board decisions - Form
  • Designing a competitive architecture
  • Unit II - Map
  • Introduction to the topics and resources of the unit sample
  • The challenge of permanence
  • Competitiveness Strategy
  • Competitive Architecture
  • Competitiveness platform
  • Map of stakeholders sample
  • Matrix of social value
  • Matrix of social value - Form
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Unit III - Map
  • Introduction to the topics and resources of the unit
  • The dynamics of change
  • The formula of transformation sample
  • Manage sustainability
  • Management board
  • Design a management board sample
  • Reshape experiences
  • Formula of experiences
  • Matrix of meaning
  • Apply Matrix of meaning
  • Evaluation
  • Final Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever